Norma's Picture              NORMA L SPARKS, COUNTY CLERK

I am the Carroll County Clerk Election Authority. I was appointed
by the Governor to fill the unexpired term of the former County
Clerk who went on to become a Representative for the 39th District
in the Missouri House of Representatives.  I am also on the ballot
to be elected for the next four year term.  I have twenty-two years
experience in the County Clerk's office.  I look forward to working
with you in various many capacities; elections, taxes and human
resources.  If you have questions or concerns I am always happy
to help or you can contact me at 660-542-0615 or


                                                                                                                  DEPUTY, ASHLEY HART  
                                                                                            Ashley is the Deputy who handles all of reconcilliation,                                                                                                                                                 tax abates and adds, receipts, and
                                                                                                         assessed values to entities and the State.

Tammy is the Payroll Deputy that is responsible for
keeping all County employee time records,
paychecks, insurance information, CERF records, Notary Public renewals,
liquor licenses, auctioneer
licenses, ATV licenses and maintains the minutes for a
ll County Commission meetings. 


                                                                                   JUDI PARK, ELECTIONS DEPUTY

                                                           Judi is the Elections Deputy that is responsible for registering new                                                                               voters, updating voter registration and absentee voting.  She also                                                                                   helps prepare all the information needed at the polls election day.


                                                           MIKE PELICAN, BUILDING AND GROUNDS

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