Tax Questions




Contact the County Assessor with questions regarding these items:

  • The assessed value of your real or personal property.
  • If you need to change a name or address.
  • If the wrong vehicles are listed on your statement.
  • The legal description of real estate.


Contact the County Collector with questions regarding these items:

  • If you did not receive one or more tax statements.
  • General questions concerning the collection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are real estate and personal property taxes due?

Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are levied annually.  Statements are mailed out in November.  Tax payments are due by December 31 of each year.  If paying by mail, the postmark determines the timeliness of payment.  Payments received after the December 31st postmark must include penalty and interest charges.  If a tax bill is not received by Dec 1, please contact the collector’s office.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay taxes and applicable late fees.  If you are paying taxes after December 31, please refer to the delinquent payment chart in the center of the statement.

Who is responsible for paying real estate taxes?

The tax liability on real estate remains with the property.  Taxes are a lien.  When ownership changes, the new owner is most often liable for any unpaid taxes, unless other arrangements were made at the time of closing on purchase.  On current ownership changes, generally the tax records will reflect the previous ownership.  The new owner will need to call and request this statement if the previous owner did not forward the statement to you.

When are personal property taxes assessed?

Taxes are assessed as of January 1.  Taxes are due for the entire year regardless if the property is no longer owned or has been moved from Carroll County.  State law requires that personal property taxes be paid before license plates on a vehicle can be issued or renewed.  The Department of Revenue License Bureau accepts a paid tax receipt to verify that taxes have been paid.


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